A God-Driven Direction

The God-driven direction began in 2009 after we got married. Chris had finished Bible College and started taking classes in Houston at the Southwestern Theological Seminary extension campus. Through a series of events, the Lord led us to Fort Worth where the main campus is located and soon after, we connected to a local church. During this time, we intended on pursuing a pastoral role after graduation, but a little over a year later the burden of missions had been laid upon our heart.

We started serving in a refugee apartment complex and saw the need for a ministry that transcends multiple people groups. We began to pray about what this would look like and seek to know what God was calling us to. During this time, the Holland family came into our lives and they had a similar vision. We began to pray together as families on what God would lead us into.

As we were praying, the Lord brought an organization into our lives that clearly matched the vision that we had been praying over for the past 8 months. They are an organization of churches located throughout the world that minister in English, in order to reach a wide range of people groups. Their churches are planted in cities that have a high international population which consists of refugees, ex-pats, and displaced people groups.

Currently, we are working with a mission sending agency to equip us for the transition to Southern Europe. Over the next several months we will be seeking ministry partners for support in prayer and meeting financial needs. If you are interested in either one of these, then please begin praying on partnering with us and contact us if you are interested in knowing more.

Check out the Holland’s website


The Crew!

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