Where Will We Go?

This past week has been a whirl wind!! We spent two full days with our kids in Disney for a much needed family vacation after a busy summer. Watching all the girls experience Disney world was priceless. Even if we did essentially become pack mules during the last leg of our trip.


I would like to note Clara had fallen asleep on the airplane and would not wake up. Chris was carrying her through the airport along with some more bags. In hindsight, catching the “red-eye” may not have been the best choice with 4 kids.

In our last post I alluded to a Church planting organization that fit the vision our family has been called to. A few weeks ago, The International Baptist Convention extended the call for us to come along side them to plant Churches in Southern Europe. We are beyond excited for this next exciting adventure!

Becoming an international Church planter means that Chris and I are considered missionaries. So this last week we were signed on with Converge to become full fledged missionaries! I can honestly say it’s been surreal. We spent the latter portion of the week learning our next steps, and we came home with fervor! If you want to know more about how you can partner in with us in prayer and financial support, please visit our Converge page!


I’m sure you’ve all been wondering. I keep mentioning Southern Europe, but I have yet to say where in Southern Europe we are headed!! The answer? Stay tuned!!

One thought on “Where Will We Go?

  1. Kristen I am beyond excited for you and Chris and girls!!!! Prayers continue! And as you know missions are our heart as well. Maybe you can use a couple of short term hands and feet later lol. Love you guys!


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