December Newsletter

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Bus Ride Blessing

The bus was packed with people, but Chris and I had to squeeze our way on if we were going to make it back to our host home. We were the proverbial sardines in a
can. We were hot and sweaty from trying to navigate a city we didn’t know, and frustrated from our lack of ability to communicate with the people around us, along with the piercing cry of Lucy ringing loudly off the metal walls of the overcrowded bus left us feeling defeated. I was kindly offered a seat by a stranger, and gladly took the opportunity to rest my feet, but within seconds I was hit by the overpowering smell of urine. Across from me was seated a woman, who I can only presume was carrying everything she owned with her in a small rolling cart, while napping with her head hanging in front of her. Between the overpowering smell, the heat, and Lucy’s cry, I felt close to tears myself. The woman across from me stirred as Lucy continued to flail and cry, nothing I was doing helped. I thought, “Lord, is this really where you want us?” When suddenly, I heard singing! The homeless woman sitting across from me was singing, what I can only guess, was an Italian nursery rhyme to my fussing baby! Within seconds Lucy stopped screaming and was mesmerized by this sweet woman. She began to smile, and giggle along with the little nursery rhymes this wonderful woman was singing!! I began to relax, and the whole bus was turning around to see who was singing and who had somehow hushed the crying baby. I watched this kind woman find joy in cheering up my baby! How much more should we as believers find joy in sharing the good news of Christ? When I see people around me who are hurting and lost, am I quick to think of the psalms that declare Gods majesty and power? Do I turn a blind eye and pretend I can’t hear their deafening cry? We are excited to be part of the ministry that is already taking place in Rome, and we are so thankful to those of you that have already partnered in with us as we seek to minister to the transient and displaced people in Rome. If you want to know more about how you personally can be involved in reaching these people, let us know! We would love to share our story with you!

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