February Newsletter

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Uniting In Christ

As I traveled to Houston a couple of weeks ago, and Fort Worth just last week, many memories surfaced to my mind. Seeing old friends and family brought back the days we spent together. As I reflected on the “good ol’ days,” I thought about how our relationships have not been by coincidence. From the family God has placed around us to the friends we met through church, the Lord has interwoven our lives together for many reasons in which we may not find out until eternity. However, one fact remains, and that is we are all called to work as one body for the spread of the kingdom. The experience of pursuing after one vision, one mission, one specific area of the world, and one city that needs to find lasting purpose in Christ, alongside people whom we have established relationships with in our life is marvelous! Certainly, this is a glimpse of the future unification of the body in worshipping the Triune Lord, on this side of eternity.

As our family continues to go forward with our support raising endeavor to be in Rome this summer, we are diligently praying the Lord would provide. Currently we are at 21% supported, and from now until we leave we need to raise another 20% each month! Pray with us this month that we can reach our 40% goal. Ultimately we know the Lord will provide for His ministry, and we are excited to be a part of His Great Commission. It’s been such a privilege to watch how the Lord has provided so far.

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