March Newsletter



Omniscience. This is a Christianese word we utilize often to describe an attribute of God. Despite the churchy word that it is, this communicates a very powerful, magnificent, and real part of God, which is his all knowingness. We recently experienced this attribute of God through a recent event. Our Pastor sent out letters to several churches inviting them to join with our home church in a partnership with us. As these prayer covered letters were sent out, one of the churches on the receiving end were in the process of praying and asking the Lord for direction on furthering pursuing mission partnerships. The letter arrived soon after, and the receiving church cheerfully jumped at the chance to further the kingdom internationally. What a marvelous story of two different bodies of believers, both seeking the Lord for international missions, uniting together through the hand of the Lord. The choices each church made unknowingly at the time led them to coming together. However, the Lord knew exactly what He was doing. What an omniscient Lord we serve!

Praise God!

Last month we shared how we need to raise support by 20% each month to meet our goal of being in Rome by this summer. As I type this letter up today, God has provided abundantly! We are now at 43%. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for the ministy He has called us to.

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