Are We Scared?


I think the question Chris and I get asked the most is “are you nervous, or scared?” To be 100% honest, right now the answer is no.

That seems a little prideful, doesn’t it? Let me back up. When Chris and I first got married, he was finishing up his bachelors degree, and then soon started his masters. It was always our intention to pursue ministry, but at the time it was just this abstract figure. Ideally a pastoral role in a quiet church, where everything was perfect. right?

Fast forward to our time in seminary, and we knew God was calling us to something different then what we had initially envisioned. We met the Holland Family, and after realizing our vision for reaching internationals was so similar, we began to pray together to seek what the Lord would have in store for our lives.

I remember sitting in Dickeys barbecue on a Sunday after church, where we all prayed that the Lord would grant us the desires of HIS heart, not our own. For a few months we got together to pray specifically for God to reveal to us how He wanted us to serve Him.

Today, here we are. We know where the Lord wants us to be. We have a peace knowing that in a few short months we will be calling Rome, our home! Are we scared and nervous? Perhaps that will come after we’ve boarded our plane and we’ve got 4 car seats and 10 checked bags we’ll have to maneuver after getting off the plane. As for now, we take comfort in knowing that we are exactly where the Lord wants us.

One thought on “Are We Scared?

  1. If God is guiding, all we can be scared about not following Him. Risk is real, yet pushes us to depend all the more on Jesus and the Holy Spirit. “Be not afraid” is repeated often in God’s Word. When our Heavenly Father calls us to step out in faith, we find refuge and rest in Him so that all the Glory goes to Him. We can’t do it alone. Rome International Church is praying for all of you as the Lord makes the way so we can travel this adventure together. Bless up!

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