May Newsletter


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Chris sharing at the church retreat


A Burning Passion.

As I was sitting around a dining table filled with members of Rome International church this past week, I was listening to their testimonies and the impact that the church plant has had on their lives. The stories they shared poured fuel on the already passionate fire that has been burning in my heart for the transient people. I had the privilege of staying in Rome at the beginning of the month to engage in ministering to the church plant and speaking at the annual church retreat. One evening, we met to hear about the impact that this ministry has had on people’s lives. The need for reaching the ex-pat and refugee community has been evident to us for some time now, but listening to people’s testimonies continues to reinforce the imminent need to minister to these easily overlooked people. What excited me the most is the loving community that is taking place between the western people and the refugees. It’s a glorious picture of what we will experience in the millennial kingdom!

If you haven’t already, will you join us prayerfully and financially in planting churches in Rome? You can make an impact for the kingdom in this part of the world through this church plant!

What’s New?

Our house sold! Praise God and thank you for praying! It feels a little weird to be on the road, knowing we won’t have a “home” to come back to, but we are so excited to call Rome “home” in just a few short months.

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