August 2017 Newsletter


In front of the Italian Consulate after we got approved!

Little Shorts, Big Impact.

I pulled Aleza’s little shorts out of the washer today. I inspected them to see if all the stains came out, and then threw them in with the rest of the clothes inside the dryer to run. A thought dawned on me as I closed the dryer door, how many different washing machines have those little shorts been in over the last 2 months?! I wonder if those little shorts feel as tired as I do from seeing the inside of new places, and knowing “home” is merely figurative. I’ve been finding it so easy to long for a place to put down roots, to unpack our clothes, and to just settle!

I’ve heard it said before that there is nothing in this life in which you will struggle with that the Lord has not also struggled with. There have been a few times in my life that I have sat back to think about my own struggles and think “the Lord never had to walk through that!” Then I stop to think about it and realize that He actually did!

As I was re-packing our clean laundry, I couldn’t help but start to feel tired and frustrated. I started thinking, “Lord, I just want to feel settled! To be home! I’m weary of all the traveling.” As I started to find myself feeling frustrated, a still small voice seemed to whisper to me, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.” Yet again, I am reminded that the earth itself is not our home. It’s even more comforting to realize that the Lord himself lived his last days on the earth in others homes, and camping in the wilderness!

Update on Arrival in Rome

We met with our team this past week, whom already arrived, and they informed us of some additional costs outside of our current budget. Due to this, we need to raise the budget, which in turn pushes our arrival date to the first week of October.

Update on Previous Prayer Requests

Thank you for praying! First, we received our visas without any issues! That was a big obstacle that is now behind us, praise be to God! Second, we are seeing the Lord work through the spiritual attacks on the church in Rome. There are signs of repentance and humbleness, so again, praise be to God through this situation!

How You Can Pray for Us

· Remaining financial needs before the first week of October! We are close and need 12
more people. Please pray for these 12 people (whoever they are!) as they prepare to step out in faith.
· Remaining time in the States to be fruitful.
· The church plant in Rome to continue reaching the lost around the community.

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