June 2017 Newsletter



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These girls are road warriors! They have taken all our traveling in great stride. We really couldn’t be more impressed.

Many Hands Make Light Work

As the van began to pull on to the road, a flood of thoughts and emotions filled our minds. We just finished up saying another good bye to some close friends in New York, and we began to reflect on our trip up to this point. We had been able to see some longtime friends in Arkansas, and view the beautiful work of God’s creation in the hilly landscape. We had traveled and stayed in Tennessee to meet with a church that is reaching their community, and experienced the music capital of the world. We got to see our friends in Ohio whom we had worked together in ministry a few years prior, and got to see how the church is growing and how the Lord is working through the body there. We were able to stay in Pennsylvania with some friends back from our church in Fort Worth, and we enjoyed catching up with them and hearing how they have been able to settle in PA. They reminded us of the wonderful community we shared and how the Lord had intersected our lives in his perfect timing. We were able to see close friends in New York, who are serving the community at West Point faithfully and passionately. Our time with them was refreshing and wonderful!

All of these events and more allowed us to reflect on the journey the Lord has brought us on. He has allowed us to meet and know so many great people, and we praise God for this! It’s been an amazing experience to see how the Lord is working, and how His great commision continues to be faithfully spread. It’s a great reminder we can not accomplish the will of God alone. Thank you for partnering in with us and committing to work together in spreading the glory of God among the peoples in Rome!

Whats New?

We are now officially “homeless” because we closed on our home! The girls are enjoying the traveling and absolutely love camping! In fact, they prefer camping over staying in a more comfortable place. Lucy has begun to take a few steps this month!

How You Can Be Praying!
  • Please pray for us to be receptive to the Spirit as we participate in cross cultural training the entire month of June.
  • Please pray for Rome International Church as we are experiencing blatant spiritual warfare.
  • Please continue to pray to be at 100%. We are getting close to our goal!

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