Lonely Keychain

Driving away from an empty parking lot in a borrowed car, it hit me! My key chain is empty!!

It’s been 5 months since we first started seriously selling or donating all of our belongings that we did not intend on taking to Rome. First, it was the small things, like out grown toys and shoes. Then, the bigger items like beds and the kitchen table! In the midst of all that, we sold our second car. My sweet, little Rav4. Oh, the memories… When it sold, in April I shed a few tears. Not because I was sad to see the actual car go, but because I knew it was one of many large things we were about to sell before our big move! It was the reality that our family was REALLY moving to Rome! I was overwhelmed with both excitement and fear.


Then, in May we accepted an offer on our family home in Oklahoma. To be honest, I was expecting myself to be a lot more sad then I was. Perhaps it was because we had just started our training in Canada, and had to close on our home from a distance? The reality that we were suddenly “homeless” was bizarre though! I kept thinking to myself “we’re living out of our car! With 4 kids! Are we crazy?!”


At least we had our trusty mini van! That is, up until a little over week ago when we sold that as well!! We took our last key set off our keychains, and handed them over to the new owners. It’s strange to go from owning a house, 2 cars, and all the things that encompass living in suburbia, to living in your parents house with just the things that can fit into 6 suitcases and 6 carry-on bags.


We continue to take comfort in knowing this is where we are supposed to be though. When we first started this journey, we prayed that the Lord would make it evident to us that this is what He called us to do. He has been faithful to do so! Our house and cars, they sold within a week of being on the market. What a blessing that we did not have expect! Despite the delay in getting to Rome, He has proven to be faithful! We’ve received a chance to say good good-byes, and sit along side loved ones in the hospital.

With our departure date set for tomorrow, I don’t think our family could be more ready. We’re still nervous, but we have continued to see the Lords faithfulness towards our family over the last 6 months. We take so much comfort in knowing He will continue to sustain us as we take these next few steps to do what He has called us to do in Rome.

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