Sleeping Bags Needed!


Most refugees in Rome are left to fend for themselves. The centers are overcrowded, leaving many to live on the streets. This winter, there will be hundreds of refugees with no shelter during the below freezing temperatures. Imagine, being a father, mother, or child in a foreign land in which you don’t understand the language or culture. In addition, the general population does not concern themselves with you, and you are left to figure things out yourself. This is the situation for many this winter.

Last winter, several refugees died from being out in the cold. Let’s not let this happen this year! Here is how you can help. We need to have 100 sleeping bags donated to these refugees. Below is a link to an Amazon wish list. Please click on it and purchase one or more of the bags. Please let us know you have done so, in order for us to be prepared to receive the sleeping bags.

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