Love your neighbor.

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This year has been filled with so much chaos. Words seem to fail me as my mind attempts to reconcile all that’s taken place. I’ve wanted to emotionally withdraw as I’ve read my newsfeed over the last week, wincing as I’ve seen what people have shared in their anger. So, where do we go from here? As the media stops reporting on the current racial divide how will you personally partake in correcting this social injustice? Merely with words posted on your social media accounts? That honestly seems like an easy out, one in which you don’t actually have to attempt to love another image-bearer of God. Two years ago the topic of debate was immigration and the refugee crisis. How many people that posted an opinion on the subject actually did anything to make a difference in the refugee crisis? Did you find a local center that houses refugees? Did you seek to bring the gospel to those who were hurting and afflicted? Practically speaking, did you help proofread a job resume, and list your name as a character reference? What about personally and physically helping with buying groceries, school supplies, or clothes? Did you welcome families into your homes and expose your children to those who have seen things no human should have to witness? If not, then what did your shared post on a newsfeed really solved? As a Christian, we should love people because they are image-bearers of God, and our love for them should drive us to know them deeply. It’s why we feel so passionate about an injustice that’s taken place. So, what proactive steps will you take to see the racial divide rectified? If it’s merely sharing a post, then is it really helping correct anything or is it just white noise in the background? Will your love for your fellow man motivate you to get to know your racially diverse neighbors? Will you open up your home and hear their stories? In our years working with people from many different cultures, I’ve found that nothing bridges that great divide of cultural differences more profoundly than hospitality. I urge you, listen as someone shares their story with you, involve yourself in their lives, pray deeply for them, love them as you have been called to love them. Move past the superficiality of just posting something on social media just for the sake of saying you’ve done something and actually DO something. We live in a sinful and broken world, and our need for Christ is made evident daily. The injustices of this world will continue until believers recognize their importance in standing up against evil and the need to be part of change in physical, tangible ways.




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